The silver fern is a guidepost.  It is endemic to its native habitat -- that is, uniquely suited to its environment.  It's the warrior who chooses his or her own path through the wilderness. But by turning over the fern's fronds along the journey, the silver underside shows the way in the moonlight.
Founder & Career Launch Advisor

As a strategist and advisor, Denny has a knack for seeing what's possible and a passion for making it actionable. 

Denny thrives on the challenge of creating clarity out of complexity whether she's:

  • guiding young adults toward a promising career path,
  • serving the higher education system as it bridges the growing gap between college and career, or
  • advising businesses and non-profits as they define and plan their go-forward strategies.

Prior to founding SilverFern Advisory, Denny enjoyed a successful career as a Strategy and Finance professional with some of the best-loved names in retail, including Nordstrom, Target, and Marshall Field's. 

Now Denny's passion is all about people.  Through SilverFern Advisory, Denny is on a mission to help colleges and universities succeed in igniting the talents and passions of their students.  She believes that we have and opportunity -- and responsibility -- to act boldly to prepare the next generation of leaders, innovators, and change agents to find their place in a world that desperately needs their vision, their creativity, and their desire to make a difference. 

Denny's deepest desire is to help organizations and individuals be their very best, whether it's companies serving their customers, or colleges and universities serving their students. 

Denny earned her B.A. from Amherst College, where she continues to mentor students.  She also holds an M.B.A. in finance and business policy from University of Chicago's Booth School of Business.

Denny Meadows


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Meet Denny

"Denny Meadows has the talent and skill to make an incredible impact on any business, organization, or individual person.  

      She does this through an ability to connect with her audience, tremendous listening skills, the capability to summarize to the important message, the openness to be curious and ask thought provoking questions."
     - Executive Vice President, Nordstrom

"Having found her calling in life, it's clear that Denny is on a mission to help others find theirs -- thereby contributing to a world where every person expresses their gifts through meaningful work that serves others."

     - Staff, Seattle Pacific University

"Denny is a natural at guiding young adults to tap into their strength, abilities, passions, and values -- and connect the dots to their career goals in a tangible and practical way."

​     - Training & Curriculum Professional

"Denny is a builder of relationships and a nurturer of potential.  She cares deeply about others and is gifted at meeting people where they are."
    Higher Education Entrepreneur

"It's a privilege to work with someone as caring, intelligent, and transformative as Denny.  Her advice far surpassed the usual career tips I've received in the past and helped me achieve what I previously thought was impossible."

     - Student, Amherst College

"Denny put me on the right track in my career search and opened my mind up to possibilities that I didn't even know were there.  She is one of the most compassionate, smart, creative people I have ever met.  She really sees something in people and is highly skilled in bringing that something out."

     - Student, Denison University

"Denny is great at getting you excited about what you really want to do and making you subconsciously break down the goal to make it actionable."

     - Student, College of William & Mary

"Here's to following dreams!"

     - Graduate, University of San Diego

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