To thrive in today's environment, young adults need the confidence that comes from knowing what sets them apart,
plus the conviction that comes from knowing they are
headed in the right direction.

Our goal is for every college student and recent graduate to discover and pursue the path that's right for today, while building the skills to take advantage of the fast-paced changes of tomorrow.

The range of options can be overwhelming, and the level of competition is unprecedented.  That's why we're devoted to working with individuals, groups, colleges, and universities who want something more.

Why are things so different now?

More Choice

Today's young adults can choose from an explosion of career possibilities that didn't exist two or three decades ago.  And each young adult will encounter -- even create -- a bounty of new opportunities as he or she grows professionally. 

How can we help young adults thrive in a world of increasing change and overwhelming choice?

More Competition

The global economy is here to stay.  It not only affects the market for goods and services, but also for talent.  Whether for-profit or non-profit, all organizations face the dual reality of seeking cost efficiencies while struggling with talent turnover.  As a result, they now tend to hire first for experience and then for potential.

How can young adults build their competitive advantage while they are still trying to figure out how and where they want to contribute?

More Expensive

Making good choices matters now like never before.  Private college tuition was 2.5x higher in 2015 compared to 1985.  Public university tuition was 3.25x higher.  And that's before adding in the effects of inflation. 

What can we do to increase the return on investment in a college education?

More Stressful

College students today are often caught in a no-win cycle of needing to have experience in order to get experience.  Even internships (whether paid or unpaid) are increasingly difficult to secure.

What's the secret to breaking the no-experience cycle so that young adults can explore, build, and leverage their talents in ways that matter to them?

Things are different now.  But there is a clear path forward.

So Now What?

Prepare for tomorrow.  Start TODAY.

Students & Recent Grads - Wondering if you're on track?  Feeling stuck?  Looking for a few tips?  We can help.

Parents & Families - Whether entering college, a current student, or a recent graduate, help your child make the most of the experience. Find out more.

Colleges & Universities - Expectations have changed, but resources are lagging.  How can you impact more students, in a more meaningful way?  Let's talk.

Meet Zach

Major in Philosophy,
Politics, Economics,
minor in Africana

community leader,

change agent

Fun facts: I climbed "Mt. Doom" in New Zealand. My twin sister and I are complete opposites.

1st job after college: Teach for America

Dream job: Africana Studies Professor

Professional Goal: By teaching, I hope to enter the belly of the beast and attack educational inequity one day and one student at a time.

College to Career: My education opened up doors to explore and challenge the world ... my key strength is my ability to maximize others' potential ... and my motivation is a sense of mission, privilege, and responsibility to create change. Teaching will allow me both to help and influence others by engaging them to think critically.

Four Qs 

Every College Student Needs to Answer Before Graduation

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Meet Signe

Economics major

Innovative, creative,

analytical, enthusiastic;

likes travel, running,

protecting the


Fun facts:

certified archery instructor, can dream in Spanish, completed the Camino de Santiago

Favorite Accomplishment: role model as head coach for 3rd & 4th grade girls basketball team

Personal Goal: constantly engage in activities that either make me think or make me laugh

Current job: strategy consulting

Dream job: something people-focused, challenging, meaningful

Why SilverFern? Denny is direct, honest, supportive, & incredibly intelligent.  She genuinely cared and inspired me to be my best.

Words of Advice: make your own happiness with positivity and appreciation

Meet CJ

Liberal Arts,
Economics major

intensely curious,

sees the bigger picture,

seeks the greater good,

builds community

among strangers

Professional Goals: find joy in the pursuit of personal mastery, discover ways that business can work for social good

Current job: credit specialist for Lending Club peer-to-peer finance

Dream job: social entrepreneur in tech-based education to increase opportunities for the disadvantaged world-wide

Why SilverFern?  Denny doesn't tell you what to do; she engages you in the critical thinking process by asking questions, listening, and weaseling out the root points. I am sincerely grateful.

Words of Advice: Remember, everyone you look up to had to start somewhere.

Find the path that's right for you.  SilverFern Advisory can help.

Making the Leap: College to Career