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Recent Projects 

Strategy Advising
& Financial Modeling

Liberal Arts College

Career Services Redesign

Translate concept for new best-in-class careers support model into detailed vision document and strategic overview in order to win support for change.  Construct flexible financial model to identify key cost levers and quantify overall funding requirements.

Career Preparation
for Undergraduates

Amherst College

Professional Skill Development Academy

For juniors and seniors, delivered over two eight-hour days.

Co-design and facilitate Interactive workshop to help students understand the elements of their personal brand and practice presenting themselves confidently.

Career Development
for Recent Graduates


at College Success Foundation

For college graduates, two hours per month for one year.

Design and lead hands-on activities to help AmeriCorps members present themselves effectively as they prepare to advance their careers following their service term. 

Guest Instructor

Seattle Pacific University

GS2001: Major and Career Exploration

For freshmen and sophomores, weekly sessions during academic quarter.

Innovate and test new approaches to identify personal aptitudes, expand colleges experiences, and explore career ideas, culminating in individualized college game plans.

Guest Speaker Topics

Your Liberal Arts Degree: Advantage or Disadvantage?

Getting the Most out of College: What Parents Need to Know

High School Seniors: Clues for Finding Your Way in College

Expectations of colleges and universities have changed. 

But resources are lagging. 

For students and parents, satisfaction largely depends on whether a degree will translate into meaningful work after college.

And yet today's employers require more than academic rigor of a good education.  They are looking for even more than applied learning through co-curricular experiences.  The graduates who stand out and get hired are the ones who know who they are, what they want, and are able to back it up: those with conviction.

Education.  Experience.  Conviction.

Our Philosophy

Students need an integrated approach to career (and life) preparation.  One-off workshops and stand-alone internships don't suffice anymore.  Instead, let's give students access to a compliment of tools and experiences to make sense of their choices today, while they build a repeatable process that will help them prepare for new opportunities tomorrow.  

Our Approach

At SilverFern Advisory, our unique value-added lies in our ability to help you bridge both the aspirational and the practical.  We work with colleges and universities on strategic vision and program design, as well as tactical planning and execution.  Whether your end-goal is to sharpen your strategic plan, build your case for key stakeholders, create a solid financial plan, or design and deliver relevant content for students, we have the experience to achieve tangible outcomes.  Moreover, our specific work together will always align with the broader goals of your institution and the deeper needs of your students. 

Our Partnership

We don't want to impose our vision or take over your programming.  Rather, our desire is to work with you to offer new ideas, fresh approaches, and short-term resources designed to bring out the best in your own view of what's necessary and possible.  Where we see additional opportunities, we will call them out.  Where we see inconsistencies, we will help resolve them.  Our goal is your success, because our mission is your students' success. 

Our Belief

Need-blind admissions only solve part of the problem.  Students need equal access to career launch concepts while they are still on campus.  Their need is real.  And their need is now.

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A Partnership with Higher Education