Meet Daniel

Recent Graduate.

Exceptionally outgoing

Spanish major with

concentrations in

Law & Society and

Latin American Studies

Strengths: adaptability, finding ways to make things work, foreign languages, relating to others

Passionate about: connecting with new people and exploring cultures

Favorite college accomplishment: studying abroad in Cuba, Spain, & Brazil

Happiness is: great food, soulful music, ESPN, interesting people who care

Professional goal: law school & international relations (plans subject to change!)

First job after college: staff assistant at Harvard University

Dream job: travel the world, meet amazing people, solve problems to positively impact our planet

Why SilverFern? I wanted help with a game plan for my job search. The process was inquiry-based and introspective. I enjoyed the process.  I especially appreciate the relationship. 

Words of Advice: Be patient. Never settle. Know your worth.

"Sure, I've already made some important choices to get this far.  But the choices ahead of me feel so much bigger ... and way less clear."

Figuring out what you want from college -- and what you want after college -- can be daunting.  After all, you're making some pretty big and pretty important decisions about your life.  The key is to break them down.  And if you're feeling lost or stuck, to get some traction.

An investment in YOU.

At SilverFern Advisory, we have the experience, insights, tips, and tricks to meet you where you are and help you find the direction you're looking for. 

Whether you're feeling lost and confused, fully on track, or somewhere in between, we can help you take that next big step toward a future that excites you. 

Unsure about your unique talents?  Let's identify and leverage the qualities that set you apart. 

Looking for inspiration to be your very best?  We'll help you figure it out, then show you how to connect with the kinds of ideas, activities, and organizations that you care about.

We specialize in working with motivated college students and recent grads like you who sometimes feel uncertain or overwhelmed, yet are eager to find a path you believe in ... a path that suits your special talents and interests.

Before, During , or After College.

SilverFern Advisory offers single-session advising to boost your momentum, or five-session packages to achieve specific goals.  Sign up now or schedule a complementary consultation to determine what's best for you.  No pressure, no hassle, period.

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College Freshmen & Sophomores

In our EXPLORE sessions, we work with students entering college and in the first two years to help you get the most out of your college experience. 

College offers incredible opportunities for you to get involved, get exposure, and get experience.  Be sure to take advantage of it!  But how?

We'll work together to develop a College Game Plan that you feel good about.  Your plan will be based on your own unique talents and interests, with plenty of room to explore and find balance across academic, campus, community, and co-curricular activities.  This program may conclude with an optional student-parent session.

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College Juniors & Seniors

In our PREPARE sessions, we equip you as a more experienced student to launch successfully after college.  Remember, the earlier you start the more in-control you'll feel.  The key lies in developing your ability to identify and articulate your own talents, values, and passions ... and to connect them to real-world needs. 

We will be with you at each step in considering the post-college opportunities that are truly a good fit for you.  And we'll coach you on tangible and effective approaches for demonstrating how you can add unique value to the kinds of organizations you want to be part of.  We'll help you develop an action plan that has specific milestone dates and outcomes to achieve your goals.

For students thinking about graduate school right away, this is a crucial time to do the work to be sure the fit is right for you and the rewards will be worth the time and money invested.

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Recent Graduates

In our PURSUE sessions, we work with you after graduation to refine your search for meaningful employment.  Lots of college students graduate without jobs, so you're not alone.  Even if you're currently employed, you may be considering a change to something that's a better fit for your skills, interests, or goals.

We are not a placement agency.  But we are firmly committed to serving young adults like you who are looking for a great match between what they have to offer and what the world needs. 

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Meet Jess

College Senior.

sociology major,

education minor,

concentrations in public

health, African studies,

knowledge & action in the

public good

Strengths: communicator, relationship builder, life-long learner

Passionate about: working with people, engaging the community, global health, serving children

Definition of success: learn, grow, & have fun

Professional goal: build skills, grow my network

Target job after college: fantastic start-up with an inspiring mission

Dream job: making a difference while working with tons of fascinating people!

Why SilverFern? Uncertain about my direction after college, Denny helped me develop a strong understanding of my strengths and skills.  I became more confident and better equipped to market myself to potential employers. It worked!

Words of Advice: Enjoy the journey, not just the destination.

Meet Jack

Rising Sophomore.

Playing college football

didn't leave time for much

else so Jack called a new

play, shifting his priorities

to academics & re-

launching a campus club.

Strengths: personable, adaptable, flexible, infectiously positive

Interests: helping others, business, family

Definition of success: being happy & doing something you love

Favorite part-time job: social media/film manager for a high school football camp

Dream job: a business or non-profit leadership role that feels more like fun than work

Campus focus: president of the microfinance club, learning business skills while helping others

Why SilverFern? Denny helped me understand my strengths & interests, then showed me how to build them into a professional resume and use them to set a direction for my college career

Words of Advice: College is what you make of it, so be excited to explore your interests and find something you really enjoy doing!

Find the path that's right for you.  SilverFern Advisory can help.

Options for Students & Recent Grads